Wednesday, July 29, 2009

T.R. misplaces napkin; totally misses "Awesome Party"

I was recently cleaning out my desk and came across this crumpled up cocktail napkin jammed way back in the left-hand desk drawer. Ordinarily, finding trash stockpiled under/in/around various areas that I occupy is nothing to warrant any cause for concern or alarm UNLESS said trash contains secret information and/or important reminders for extravagant social goings-on!!

Much to my horror, this particular cocktail napkin had been inscribed (by my own unmistakable scrawl) with all the necessary logistics required for attendance...FILING SYSTEM FAIL. Friends, I have discovered something else in my left-hand desk drawer today - shame. And remorse. And broken dreams. And a fancy belt and cuff links (just in case).

You may have been at that Awesome Party Michele with one "L", but sadly, I wasn't, and all I have left is a crumpled up reminder of a good time that I never had, but might still be able to if I can just work out some kinks in that infernal time machine.

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  1. Anonymous2:19 PM

    "all I have left is a crumpled up reminder of a good time..."

    Or, one L of a good time. Yuck Yuck.