Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Ask a Guy who took a Workshop.

When Tony signed up for our Improv Summer Boot Camp for the second consecutive year, we knew something had to be up. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Tony and ask him the hard questions.

GCI: Thanks for meeting us Tony. So why did you sign up for a Geva Comedy Improv workshop in the first place?
Tony: I thought it would be an interesting experience. I had never been on stage before outside of a brief appearance during a Tom Sawyer play during grade school. I didn't really like that experience, and figured it would be more fun to be an a**.
GCI: What was the best thing about the workshop last summer?
Tony: I really enjoyed the variety of activities. They tried to teach us so many things to do, and we couldn't even do them all. So many fun games I never would have thought of.
GCI: What was the worst thing about the workshop last summer?
Tony: The day that Ted was there.
GCI: Why on Earth would you sign up for it a second time?
Tony: Why not? It's cheaper than a vacation. It also gives you something to look forward to in a bleak and otherwise pointless existence.
GCI: What do you want to do differently this summer?
Tony: I want to get more people to the final show. It was a blast last year and I hope more people can see it. Also, I want to play some more Samurai Energy Throw.
GCI: What advice would you give to someone who taking the workshop for the first time?
Tony: I would say swallow your pride and avoid creepy eye contact with Liam. Also try not to have "delirium tremors" like Tom Hanks did in Saving Private Ryan. He was an alcoholic in that movie.
GCI: Tom Hanks? Really? In real life?
Tony: No, in the movie.
GCI: No he wasn't, not in Forrest Gump.
Tony: He was just dumb in Forrest Gump, his mother was the drunk in that one.
GCI: Oh okay, thanks Tony (sips from Giant Coffee)

Come ride and the Babemobile this summer.

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