Thursday, July 23, 2009

A money saving, liver ruining tip from your freinds at GCI.

Hey, John here. I just got back from a trip to Las Vegas Nevada last weekend, and have a piece of wisdom to impart to anybody planning a trip there. Now, as you know, Vegas is for people who like to party. And by party I mean engage in any type of vice yet imagined by man. From slot-machines to gun-play to anything remotely involving boobs, Vegas has you covered. No doubt when you get to LV you'll be eager to do some partying whatever your particular brand is. It is because of this partying that planning is necessary.

The gist or thesis of what I'm driving at here is don't schedule a 3 day trip to Vegas. Let me explain why: you're gonna get there Friday night juiced to get off that plane and start partying, and party you will. Friday night you will take it out and chop it up. You will wake up Saturday and start recovering, spending most of the day nursing your wounds. Then, on Saturday night, just as the horse tranquilizers are wearing off and the penicillin is kicking in, it's time to party again. Saturday partying will be a whole 'nother level of defiling yourself. Like whoa, you'll discover sins that creep the devil out, and that's OK....that's part of the process. Sunday, however, will then be a wash. between the two hours sleep you got before, the time spent ditching the Federales, and figuring out what kind of meat you have 90 pounds of in the trunk of your rented car; there are just some thing pepto-bizmol can't fix. This means that you will pay for a hotel room on Sunday that you only use to sit in as you eat burritos and gently weep to yourself about what you've done. Best bet is get a room for two or four nights, as night three is gonna be a wash.

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