Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Jason Statham: Money well spent

This weekend my wife and I were finishing up our Sunday grocery trip to Wegmans and she informed me she was going to check out the make-up aisle, thus leaving me to peruse the bargain bins. Right infront of the check out aisle at the Pittsford Weggies are bins of good deals. Toothbrushes for $1.00, Speed stick for $1.00, and DVD's for $5.00...I think to myself "I don't need these items, but I at these low-low prices, I can't afford NOT to buy them."

The bargain bins of DVD's were slim pickens. I was on the fence with two titles, weighing the pros and cons of purchase, when I saw a sure thing. I didn't hesitate. In fact as I snagged the DVD of the shelf I said "Sold." out load. What was this sure bet DVD? Why, it was "War" starring Jet Li and Jason Statham. According to the tag line one of them wants justice and the other wants revenge. I don't know who wants what, and frankly I don't care. What care is that it's a Jason Statham movie for $5.00.

Statham is one bad motha. For the most part his movies are solid and highly entertaining, and you always get your moneys worth. When you rented "Death Race" you knew EXACTLY what you were going to see: a bunch of stuff exploding, a** kicking, and a couple of funny lines, and he is going to do it rather well.

I'm not saying he is a better actor than Sean Penn, or that the "Transporter" trilogy is on par with "The Godfather." However you know he is going to beat up more guys than there are in The Streets of Rage. What I am saying is, if I have $5.00 to buy a movie, and my choices are "War" or "Sideways?" Leave the wine, give me a six pack and I'm going to war.

My Top Five Jason Statham Movies (starring roles only, sorry "Lock Stock" and "Italian Job")

5.) Transporter 2
4.) Death Race
3.) Transporter
2.) The Bank Job
1.) Snatch

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