Thursday, July 16, 2009

GCI Proclaimed "Idiot Box Laureate"

In recognition of their forthcoming season-ending, face-meltingly hilarious TV On Stage shows, Geva Comedy Improv has been awarded the prestigious title of "Idiot Box Laureate" by the Federal Communications Commission.

A press release issued by the FCC marks the occasion:
"The Federal Communications Commission is keenly aware of the pathologically-obsessive television viewing by the GCI cast. These guys watch way, way more television than can possibly be healthy. In fact, we estimate that their brains have been irreversibly irradiated from years and years of boob-tubing. One cast member watched the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer over 200 times! These guys are heroes of voyeurism, and we are awed and terrified by them. Bravo!"

Geva Comedy Improv spokesperson Chris Holden commented on the award, saying "Blurgh.....TV Good. likem watch......HAHAH HA HAH.....funny TV AHHHHHH... EEEEEEEEEEE ....BAD TV!..... Buffy scare me lot..."

Join Geva Comedy Improv for TV On Stage Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 16-18.

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