Saturday, July 11, 2009

More Bars in More Places

Hello Everyone,

Nick here. If your wondering why you haven't seen or heard from me much lately, the answer is im in England! Its true, but as you know, its virtually impossible to find an internet connection in England, let alone a cell phone signal. So to bypass the anguish that I would have inevitably gone through just to get a signal in London, I declined from getting a phone for my time here.

However, I am currently traveling in a small and quite quaint town called Bakewell, famed for their tarts and I found one. I found a signal and thought I should let everyone know that up-to-date technology exists in the "Dead Zone" of England. What is funny and not widely known is that the signal that I picked up has been broadcasting for nearly 600 to 700 years. I was lucky enough to have found these very old bars in this very place!

Unfortunately I have not been able to find many more bars in this barren of communication technology wasteland that is Great Britain!

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