Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We Were Young Once

An invaluable relic was found in GCI's official "vault of old stuff and things." This picture was taken around the time when current GCI members Ted Limpert and Paul Nellis first met back in the Spring of 2004. A time when both gentlemen attended the University of Rochester and joined forces to destroy the innocent in a production of Pterodactyls by Nicky Silver. A time when bushy side-burns and wife beaters were still out of style. A time when Paul and Ted were still unaware of how cool they really were, and what they would come to create in the future. A time when Paul wore a hat with a carrot on it... don't ask.

We also found this picture from around the same time. Paul always took spring cleaning extremley seriously.


  1. Wow. You guys look so.....thin.

  2. if only this picture were in higher resolution, you would be able to make out my infamous snaggletooth.