Wednesday, April 15, 2009

GCI Makes Dreams Come True

Move over Make-A-Wish Foundation, get a life Disney World, GCI is in town and open for business (a business built on hopes and dreams). Young Michael Borden, a resident of Syracuse NY, had a simple wish to spend some quality time with GCI before he departs this cruel world. Well Mike Borden, why wait? It is true that this man was not suffering from any terminal illnesses, but upon closer inspection it became evident that Borden had a fever in his heart muscle, and the only perscription was more GCI. Miracles of kindness do happen, and we have the pictures to prove it! Notice the perfectly crafted smiles on GCI members Corinne, Nick, and TR, and the real, genuine smile on Borden's face (center). By placing this youthful dreamer in the center of the picture GCI made him feel as though the world revolved around him, and you know what, maybe for that one single moment it really did. Ted Limpert was the official photographer for the afternoon. Limpert refused to comment on why he was not asked to be included in the original photo, but it seems that the candid snapshot below pretty much speaks for itself.

Other members of GCI refused to be associated with this charitable event at all. GCI is what dreams are made of...

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