Thursday, April 02, 2009

Lux Craft Night Inspires Provocative Masterpiece

It started out as a regular night out with the boys, nothing too flashy just drinking a few PBRs and making some memories. GCI members Ted, Paul, and TR are well known for their sociableness and deep appreciation for "good times." Lux was the obvious choice for the evening due to location, drink options, and coolness. Unbeknownst to these young gentlemen was the creativity and inspiration that lingered in the air. The evening was very successful; words were shared, libations were imbibed, and this artistic masterpiece was created:

H. Ted Limpert, the artist, comments on his artistically spasmodic creation: "It just came to me, like in a dream. There I was, and there was Paul and TR, I knew it had to be put to paper. The orange color is used to represent the heat of passion and desire for knowledge. I am represented in the background of the piece shouting "hey guys, wait up!!" meant to evoke the realization that although TR and Paul are ahead of me in wisdom and experience, they will wait for me to catch up. And there is an airplane."
It is near impossible to depict brilliance, love, and hope in one image, but this artist gets pretty damn close. If true beauty is defined by imperfections, then perhaps true perfection is actually quite imperfect as well...

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