Tuesday, April 07, 2009

So what does one do with a blog? What do I write? Just tell folks about little tidbits in my life? Ok then, I'll let you in to the VIP Liam Scahill Show and share what I did tonight....I had some milk and cookies. They appear to be Oreos, but upon closer inspection the are Wegman's version called "W-o's!" or as I like to call them "Woes!" I imagine they are Joey Lawerence's favorite cookie.

Now many people have specific ways to eat an Oreo. I myself like the twist, lick, and eat approach, then fitting in a milk dunk with no twist every third Oreo. Sounds complicated, but I have sligh OCD. With this OCD comes disappointment and sadness when the twist is not perfect.

But either way it tastes oh so good. Watch for the next post when I'll discuss Chips A'hoy: Chunky vs. Chewey.

Is that a tastey monacle or a delicious eye patch?

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