Tuesday, April 14, 2009

JZ's Body Apparently Rejecting His Left Arm.

Hey everybody, John here. Are you at all familiar with the term Golfer's Elbow? Neither was I until this past week. I learned about it recenlty when I came down with a case of it. As with any ailments I get, I can only assume that I have whatever the internet tells me I have. My personal health plan consists of Web MD and having watched a couple episodes of House. The best I can figure, there's a small tear in my tendon or ligament that causes light, random pain in the lower part of my left arm. That, or I've made some gypsy mad enough to cast a very weak curse on me.

Turns out you don't even need to play golf to get it, which begs the question: Why, then, call it Golfer's Elbow? Why name your injury after a sport that's less exciting than CSPAN2? It should be called Gladiator's Elbow!, or vigilante-tendonitis. Hell, even Bend-o-hurt sounds better than golfers elbow. Golfer's elbow sounds like a rash you get from an argyle sweater...

...If anyone needs me, I'll be icing my Gladiator's Elbow...

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