Sunday, April 16, 2006

Tonight we're gonna party like it's 717.

A chapter in history has closed for the University of Rochester's In Between the Lines improv troupe, and that is the closing of 717 Mount Hope, home to so many memories of this college troupe that brought Geva Comedy Improv many of its early members. Returning for the prestigious Alumni Show were such OG GCI luminaries as NELS YOUNGBORG and JEFF SACHS. A great time! Thanks to TIM RYAN and BORDEN for hannlin' up!

PAUL NELLIS, SAMAY, and 717's co-host TIM RYAN enjoy the post-Alumni Show festivities.

BEKI has a red cup.

ADAM had a red cup.

MOOKIE was seen with a red cup; CHARLEY (with the blue hoodie and red cup) is holding a red cup.

BEKI, JOANNA, and MIRANDA (GCI's House Manager) enjoy their red cups.

PAUL NELLIS gets a post-show cut from the legendary IBTL alumni DAFLOS.

GCI musical accompanist (and improvisor in our last show's Serious Scene) ARTHUR grabs some street meat after the show.

The Alumni show plays to a packed crowd; on stage, from left to right, is JEFF SACHS, BORDEN, REED, BEN, BRAD, and BITS.

DAFLOS, CHARLEY, and MOOKIE play to the house.

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