Sunday, April 09, 2006

Iron Cobra leaves their mark on Geva!

Iron Cobra graced us last night with a special performance - one half with the GCI boys & girls and then a half by themselves. Let me tell you, folks - all them statistics we've been listing off here about awards and the like are completely true, and this duo has proven that they deserve every bit of it. Here's a little sample of what went down.

GCI and Iron Cobra get warmed up downstairs before showtime.

Graham from Iron Cobra does a short scene with Josie.

I really don't remember what was going on here, but everyone was laughing.

Mookie gets Graham going on his distaste for "goo" and people who don't invent everything they own.

Graham tries to play several silent characters at once as Becky provides the voices for each and every one of them. He looks like he's lost it, but he knows what he's doing.

Becky and Graham tell the audience about the hardships of being born into the Marsalis family and not being able to play a single instrument.

Try as he might, Graham just can't stay angry at the doll and flowers that Becky brought him.

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  1. two of my favorite parts of saturday night's show: graham's "where do you think all this carpet came from?" line during the goo scene, and graham's "what are you looking at, i love you?" during the strawberry shortcake scene. simply fab.