Monday, April 24, 2006

This week on FIASCO! Season 2: The Hospital

Episode 5 was a party of laughter and danger so read close if you missed it!

Dr. Judy was an outcast in the hospital. No one would talk to her. Then, she overheard Danny Charlie talking to Dr. Chet Moneybags about how they had to get rid of her because she was too much of a liability. As Dr. Moneybags was explaining the situation to Judy, she pretended to get slapped by him so that she could sue him. Shortly afterwards, she proved herself to Dr. Charlie as a doctor, even though she didn't have a degree. The two of them decided that the only way the hospital could run they way it should would be if they got Dr. Moneybags out of the way. With assistance from Waldo "Wally" McCormick, they made a plan.

Meanwhile, Nurse Carrie Mittens had been hanging out with Sunny Thompson a little too much and decided that he needed him to get a life. They went out to an "alternative" bar, but Sunny's dance moves were too spastic for the bars owner. A brawl ensued and the cops were called. Sunny and Nurse Mittens barely ducked into an alleyway to escape. They had a bunch of sex there and an alley cat watched them. Gross.

Back at the hospital the plan to overthrow Moneybags was all set. Dr. Judy was ready to slip him the poison when he revealed that he didn't care about money anymore and wanted to help people. She didn't give him the poison which set off a series of crazy events which culminated in Moneybags killing the women who runs the gift shop (Waldo's Mom!). The staff apologized to Moneybags for trying kill him, but in an unfortunate slip of fate, Dr. Danny Charlie accidently stabbed him in the throat with his scalpel. They hid Dr. Moneybags' lifeless body in Sunny Thompson's locker, which they then hid underneath the U of R stadium bleachers, because no one ever ever goes there.

Don't miss next week for the exciting finale! Will Dr. Judy's love for Nurse Carrie Mittens ever be fulfilled? Who will become the new director of Strong Hospital with Moneybags dead? Will Sunny Thompson ever get his paper published? Will Waldo be able to build his expansion? Has the medication turned Daryl Homan Jr. turned into a soul reaving demon? Will Dr. Steve Kanibangya be excepted into the 5 o'clock snack club? What kind of guilt will weigh on Dr. Danny Charlie now that he's accidently killed Dr. Moneybags? He's supposed to save people!

Next week on... Fiasco! Season 2: The Hospital

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