Monday, April 10, 2006

This week on Fiasco! Season 2: The Hospital

This week's episode was so fantastic, I don't know where to begin!!!

It started when Sunny Thompson learned of Steve Kanibangya's plan to lobotimize Daryl Homan Jr. and use parts of his brain to bring Dr. Danny Charlie out of his coma. In the long term care unit, Dr. Judy returned from her voyage of self discovery and told the comatose Dr. Charlie that she had actually never been to medical school. Meanwhile, Dr. Steve Kanibangya had taken Dr. Chet Moneybags out to the beach to teach him to surf. Dr. Steve was a natural surfer, but something came up out of the water and took him away! Steve didn't know what to do, so he smoked a joint.

Back at the hospital, Sunny Thompson was planning on not lobotomizing Daryl, but using an ancient Native American technique to send himself and Daryl on a vision quest into Dr. Danny Charlie's mind and fix the problem there. Nurse Carrie Mittens stole some peyote from Raj Gupta's lab and Sunny Thompson prepared to perform the ritual.

Back at the beach, Dr. Judy showed up, having been tipped off by a screaming girl at the hospital who had seen Dr. Moneybags "swallowed up by a beast from the fathoms of the lake." She rented a boat and took the very calm and chill Dr. Kanibangya out on the lake to search for Dr. Moneybags. They found him floating in the water, seemingly okay, but he insisted he was Raj Gupta, "the Rage!" The boat captain ferried them back to the hospital on the Erie Canal and they sedated Dr. Moneybags. There wasn't anytime to lose, Dr. Charlie needed to be saved!!

Sweat ran off the brows of Dr. Judy as she raced to the Long-term care unit and as soon as she was there, Sunny began the ritual. Sunny Thompson and Daryl Homan Jr. entered the comatose mind of Dr. Danny Charlie and they began their search. Daryl Homan Jr. walked off and reunited with his childhood idol, the Pegasus. Sunny found Dr. Danny Charlie wandering in an endless desert and told him the plan. Once they found Daryl Homan Jr., Daryl gave Dr. Charlie part of his mind and he drifted back to conciousness.

The staff at the hospital rejoiced, Dr. Danny Charlie had been saved from his coma, thanks to Sunny Thompson and Daryl Homan Jr. Meanwhile, Dr. Chet Moneybags woke up from his "little nap" to find Raj Gupta in his waiting room. They began to argue as to just whose fault this little mind swap was and that was the end of this episode of Fiasco! Season 2: The Hospital.

Will the minds of Raj Gupta and Dr. Chet Moneybags go back to where they belong? Will Nurse Carrie Mittens' love for Dr. Judy be fulfilled? Will Danny Charlie remember what Dr. Judy told him while in a coma? What kind of honors await Sunny Thompson for his ground-breaking work? Where did Dr. Steve Kanibangya stumble off to? Will Daryl Homan Jr. ever be the same after giving up part of his mind? What the heck was in the lake? And where was Waldo "Wally" McCormick this whole time????

Find out next Monday night on FIASCO! Season 2: The Hospital.

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