Monday, April 17, 2006

This week on FIASCO! Season 2: The Hosptal

Dr. Danny Charlie tells Carrie Mittens RN that he's going to figure out once and for all who is not a real Doctor at Strong Hospital.

The staff figures out that Dr. Judy never went to med school!! Oh NO!!!!

Dr. Chet Moneybags, live on the air with News 10 NBC's Jennifer Johnson, telling all of Rochester that now when they get two lobotomies, the third one is free! What a deal!

Sunny Thompson performs a delicate brain surgery to repair the "freaky friday" situation connecting Dr. Chet Moneybags and Raj Gupta.

Is Wally the new "the Rage?"

Sunny Thompson will do anything to get his paper on Alternative Medicine published by the daughter of Dr. Chet Moneybags.

Daryl Homan Jr. was on some sort of crazy drug the whole time!!

Confused?? So are we, but that's okay. Join us next monday night at 8pm for the answers to these puzzling questions!

Will Dr. Judy go back to Med School? How much trouble will Raj Gupta be in from Dr. Moneybags? Who are these investors that Wally has coming to look at the hospital? Will Sunny Thompson be able to help Dr. Moneybags' daughter overthrow him? Just WHAT is in the water? Will Daryl ever be normal again? Will Dr. Kanibangya ever act professionally? Who will Carrie Mittens RN sleep with next? Dr. Charlie? Dr. Judy? Daryl Homan Jr.?????? We don't know! So join us next week for Rochester's only live improvised soap opera,

FIASCO! Season 2: The Hospital
8pm U of R Drama House
$2 - Cheap!

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