Monday, April 03, 2006

This week of FIASCO! Season 2: The Hospital

It all began in Raj Gupta's basement laboratory where he was injecting Dr. Chet Moneybags with sweat glands to help the doctor with his rare condition that prevents him from sweating. Meanwhile in the waiting room, Dr. Judy told Nurse Carrie Mittens that she was leaving for a while to go on a voyage of self discovery. Dr. Judy's absence made Carrie Mittens realize that she didn't have to have "pool parties" with Dr. Chet Moneybags anymore so she went to his office and told him it was over. He told her that she no longer had a job.

Raj Gupta had another motive for his collection of sweat samples. It seemed he had developed a potion which would help him get over his shyness and become super cool. So with one drink he transformed from Raj into "the Rage." The new supercool Gupta decided to show Daryl Homan Jr. what he really thought of the hospital and took him on a tour. Unfortunately for Gupta, their tour collided with a tour Wally McCormick was giving Sunny Thompson of the traps he had set up for Dr. Moneybags. A couple of non-rolling gurneys and an unlevel floor later and Gupta was lying bloody on the floor.

Meanwhile Carrie Mittens no-longer RN had taken a cab to Show World on Monroe Ave to take back her old job as a sex-toy salesperson. After some deliberation between the Show World staff, "Thorn" the owner decided to give her back her old position.

Back at the hospital, Dr. Chet Moneybags was looking for Raj Gupta, he desperately needed more of his sweat serum. Instead he found "the Rage" bloody and lying on the floor. He tried to put "the Rage" on a dysfunctional gurney and after a few moments of pushing he collapsed from exhaustion (though he plays Cricket, he hadn't performed a minute of honest labor in the past 15 years). The two lay in the hallway of Strong Hospital, desperately needing someone to help them.

Sunny Thompson and Waldo "Wally" McCormick happened upon them and knew something had to be done, fast. Wally wanted to turn the entire hospital into a giant sweat room, but Sunny knew there wouldn't be enough time, the only person that could help them was Carrie Mittens RN. They caught a cab down to Show World and convinced Carrie Mittens to come back to the hospital. The three of them ran back and saved Raj Gupta and Dr. Chet Moneybags just in time. Unfortunately, somehow in the process, parts of their personalities were transferred to each other.

At the end, over the comatose body of Dr. Danny Charlie, Dr. Steve Kanibangya and Daryl Homan Jr. came up with a plan to lobotomize Daryl and use parts of his brain to save the good doctor.

Can they save Dr. Danny Charlie? Does Dr. Charlie really want parts of Daryl's brain? Will Dr. Judy return from her journey of self-discovery? How will the fused personalities of Raj Gupta and Dr. Chet Moneybags effect the functioning of Strong Hospital? Will Dr. Steve Kanibangya teach Dr. Moneybags to surf? Will Nurse Mittens have to return to throwing "pool parties" for Dr. Chet Moneybags? And what about Wally? Hmmm? What about him?

Find out all this and more on the next episode of FIASCO! Season 2: The Hospital.

Monday April 10th
8pm U of R Drama House
$2 - Cheap!

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