Wednesday, November 09, 2005

You are viewing the best blog in Greater Rochester!!!

Oh my God! You must have just read in City Newspaper that this is the best blog in Greater Rochester and, being an internet-surfing citizen of Monroe county, you immediately raced to your computer and navigated your way here!

Welcome! This is the blog of Geva Comedy Improv, Rochester's finest in late-night comedy entertainment. On this blog you'll find:

-Photos from and announcements about our shows.

-Illustrations of futuristic athletic competitions.

-Photos of what the cast members of Geva Comedy Improv do when they're not living the life of fabulous super comedy all-stars at one of our delightfully rambunctious performances.

-Personal gripes and insight into the lives of people you normally would only see on stage.

-Messages from one Improvisor to another. Example: Tim, now that we have THE BEST BLOG IN GREATER ROCHESTER it might be time to make with some more pictures, punk. I would do it, but my computer sucks and you know this.

Who knows what else may get posted?! Visit us often! Remember, we are the most reliable source in western New York for monekys, pirates, and giant robots.

Thanks to City Magazine for this unmatchable honor, and thanks to all our fans who filled out a ballot on our behalf. This is a great week for democracy.
Another Democrat will soon be in city hall
(DISCLAIMER: GCI has no political agenda though we did get a great picture with the mayor-elect a few months ago!) and not only have we been voted BEST BLOG but we were also the RUNNER-UP for BEST LOCAL THEATER PRODUCTION just behind A Chorus Line.

Thanks to all who voted!


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  1. Woo! Great post Paul. I added in a picture from this Summer where some members of GCI posed with the new Mayor-elect! WOOO!