Monday, November 21, 2005

Last Weeks Episode of Fiasco

The following is a recap of last week's episode.

Last weeks episode was wild and crazy. It had a plague in Canada, drugs in the torpedo tubes and an old man running around the boat all horny from taking enough Viagra to kill a mule. Nancy awoke from her coma with horrible scarring due to a Nazi acid bath. The Captain returned from his trip to Africa, but Steve did not recognize him. Frank Worthington, Reginald’s twin brother, arrived on the boat and quickly made plans to smuggle drugs with Steve. They hid the “hallucinogenic marijuana” in Steve’s socks and then put those in the torpedo hatch.

Meanwhile, Dr. Al Qaeda revealed a stash of Viagra to Chester A. Arthur and the news of a coming plague to Brad. Chester couldn’t resist taking a few of the pills. Eamon encouraged Rosemary to train her supernatural powers with Chester. Rosemary and Chester met in her cabin and he tried to seducer her with the sweet sounds of Barry Manilow. It didn’t work, but it did awaken Brad, who assumed the worst.

Nancy wandered the boat spreading a “love plague” to Eamon through a casual handshake. He immediately broke out in a rash and ran away screaming. Nancy continued to roam the boat, looking for love in all the wrong places. She needed a self-esteem boost and eventually came across Steve who was overcome with wild hallucinations after donning a pair of his drug soaked socks.

Captain Barney Rotten secretly changed the course of the ship from Toronto to Newfoundland just before Dr. Qaeda and Gerald came up with a cure for the plague. After testing the cure, which just happened to be Viagra, on Nancy and Eamon they loaded a strong cocktail into the torpedo tube and shot it straight at Canada’s water supply. This cured the plague and saved millions of lives. It also gave everyone in Canada a great weekend since the tubes were full of drugs.


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