Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Get'cher tickets now for the slam-danginest, hap-hap-happiest throwdown this side of the Genesee! Your favorite improvisors get brolic this Friday December 2nd as Theatre Sports drops a bomb of improv over you, the fablastic audience!!!! Here's the schedule for Friday...

Host -- Doran
Music -- Arthur and Jim
Judging -- Joanna, Brian, and...?
Team 1 -- Beki, Tim, Adam
Team 2 -- Paul, Liam, Swithun

Get your tickets now!! Only $7! There's gonna be prizes, there's gonna be well-meaning frivolity, there's gonna be fireworks! And by fireworks, we mean lots and lots of cheering.

...and don't forget about Saturday Night! It's the Nextstage Big-Tent Saturday Night Show Premier of Rochester's newest and bestestest improv format, CITY COUNCIL IMPROV. Got a problem? Watch as our improvisors complain to the city council about the happenings in their small town...what happens when the city council takes the matters into their hands! It's gonna be gnarly.

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