Saturday, November 05, 2005

GCI shows you how to get rid of zombies at brian and mike's halloween party.

enjoying yourself? with a pint in your hand and a cricket bat at your side, the party's your oyster. bring on the board games and slightyly-tipsy revelrousness!
but what's this? ohhh, dear! one of the party's citizenry has decided that you, dear friend, are looking quite tastier than that bowl of alcohol-drenched gummi bears.
those of you less prepared -- say, those dressed as gnomes or yoda -- might fall prey to this creature of the night, this duke of hazard, this evil puppy. but with some quick thinking, and abstainment from the path of panic-strickenry, you can start to beat the shit out of the approaching zombie. remember: go for the head! it's where they're the weakest.
ahhh, raise the roof, indeed! you've destroyed the zombie, saved the party, and have won the praise of those less destructive than you! huzzah, good friend! huzzah! on to those gummi bears!

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