Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Today's World of Boom is brought to you by the letter GIANT ROBOT, by the number KABOOM, and the color EXPLODATHON. Enjoy:


  1. Paul Nellis10:22 PM

    This video made no sense. Why would our assailants create giant robots who end up just exploding, making any previous damage created by the robots redundant. They should've just used a bomb from the start. Someone at the head of an evil empire bent on world destruction is spending very recklessly.

  2. I thought that the robots secured themselves, like an armadillo, to protect themselves from the final blast so that they can rise again. I'll rewatch it to see for sure. Perhaps this was a test run...why else would aliens take the time to destroy Montevideo? They're just getting prepped to take on NYC and they have to make sure their robots are working properly.
    I welcome anyones reply!