Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Reading: Possibly No Longer "Just for chumps".

Hey it’s John and I’ve got exciting news! Reading may no longer be just for jerks and losers!! That’s right! I’ve recently discovered three books that make it actually worthwhile to go to the effort of reading for one’s entertainment. It’s still too soon to get a definitive answer, but reading could potentially be as worthy an activity as water balloon fights, or even building a fort out of couch cushions! Let’s examine these three maverick books with the guts to defy logic, and be entertaining:

• First on our list is Badass: I’ve just finished reading this book, so I know first hand how not-lame it is. It details the lives of the 40 most badass people in history. Some entries include Alexander the Great, Vlad the Impaler, Nicolai Tesla, and George S. Patton. The real strength of this book is that it isn’t afraid to use plain English in its descriptions, using such terms as “Face explodingly awesome”, or referring to “Crotch stomping brilliance”. Definitely worth a read, especially for fans of history or violence.

• Next up is George Carlin’s Last Words: Let’s face it; anything that comes out of Carlin’s brain is worthwhile. I read his other books without hesitation and loved them. You should love them too. If you don’t that’s ok, you’re just wrong is all. Anyway, it’s nice to at least have this one last serving of George to go out on.

• Lastly, we have Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Finally, a way to make Jane Austen (whoever that is) tolerable. While closely following the original story about uptight people at prissy dances, this book interrupts the lack of action with zombie attacks, and kung-fu skills. While I haven’t read it yet, it seems like the best bet for me to make it through a story about Victorian high society.

You’ll notice that these books have a distinct lack of teen vampires and boy wizards, and that’s just how I like it. With the advent of these three books, the prospect of reading is looking less ridiculous every day!! Enjoy.

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