Monday, November 30, 2009

Ted's Futuristic Letter Home This Thanksgiving... From the Future.


Dear Mouth-Feeders,

I shall not return to our family moonstead this november for Thanksgiving, I am too caught up in the homo sapien revolution. The robotic army has grown strong, and we are running out of fuel for our jet boots. Even his holyness, Will Smith, is losing hope. I fear the worst.

I hope to return home for the new world holidays, to celebrate the mass-moon-migration of the humanitarian radicals in 2011. I have received word from the old world that Sarah Palin-Christ has been officially elected King of Planet America.

I must go, the robots are coming, long live the homo uprising!

-Cpt. Theodore Human
M.S.S. Galileo

Ps. Send more moon cookies.

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