Monday, June 22, 2009

Troupe Rescued from Jungle Prison

Famously sexy comedy act 'Geva Comedy Improv' was today liberated from the jungle tunnel complex where it had been held against its will by rebels. Now free, troupe members vowed to resume their blogging, which had been limited by the incarceration. Said GCI spokesman Chris Holden, "I guess being held hostage by fearsome jungle men in a cramped subterranean grotto wasn't all bad. Ted married the rebel leader, and they taught me Five Card Stud. But all things considered, it's good to be free." The rebels, who were mostly slaughtered by US Special Forces in a bloody 12 minute firefight remained optimistic that GCI would one day be recaptured. "Being shot to death by government troops sort of comes with the territory", said one rebel. "I don't blame them. But those comedians shall taste of my blade if they fall once more into the hands of the Seneca Park Snake Warriors."

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