Thursday, June 04, 2009

For the Apologies... A Lady

It's too late for you, apologies. Your days are numbered. The damage has been done, so I guess you should be leaving. You're not welcome in this town anymore. "Stuff it, terd nugget" is the new "Oh, I'm sorry." "Move it or lose it, pipe dreams" is the new "pardon me." We live in an age of hyper-confidence and ill-mannered barbarianism, a return to the natural order... For all you apologies still out there, looming in a pool of self-doubt and apprehension, I present to you a lady who never apologizes.

That's right, the goddess of "you get what you deserve" herself, Lady 'muther effin' Justice! Blind as a bat, but hard as a brick shit house. And if you still don't get the picture, here is a series of ladies who also never see fit to vindicate their actions.
And lastly, apologies, lay your feeble lamentations on this limit-less, red-bearded SOB. Sure he may not be a lady, but he likes his apologies like he likes his coffee... cold.
McGurskey! Coming soon to a nextstage near YOU! July 2009.

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