Monday, June 01, 2009

For The Ladies

This goes out to all the ladies,

John and Chris did a, well, jaw dropping scene "For the ladies" on Friday night during our Catch 23 show. It involved extreme muscle flexing and the "manliest" uncorking of a champagne bottle I've ever seen. If you were there to witness the action for yourself and it left you thirsting for more, do I have a cure for you. If you missed out, then this is a fair representation of the masculinity portrayed on stage.

Remember about a month ago I posted that video of Lee Hyo-ri, music sensation, queen of Korean Pop? Well, I found the Korean boy band equivalent. Apparently, Korea never grew old of formulaic pop groups like we did in America.

So here's a video that will knock your socks off. A group called SHINee. It's juicy, and definitely dreamed up "For the Ladies" Enjoy!

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  1. Corinne! Where was this video a month ago when I was teaching "Romeo and Juliet" to my 9th graders, so that they could see if Korean pop can reference Shakespeare then he HAS to be big! haha. And, again you have wow-ed me with this video.