Monday, June 29, 2009

"They're not quite out of the woods yet."


(Rochester, NY) Having been recently liberated from a secret underground tunnel complex where they were held hostage for several weeks by a rogue rebel faction, members of the little-known regional Improv Comedy troupe Geva Comedy Improv have exhibited a reluctance to communicate, a general fear of the sun and other bright lights, and a strong aversion to human interaction. Such feelings of distrust and paranoia are not uncommon amongst newly freed hostages and it is likely that the worst of their ordeal may yet lie ahead.

"They're not quite out of the woods yet", Explains notable psychologist Dr. Edward Newscomb.

"They have mentally reverted to a previous state wherein they have come to rely upon isolation as a means of protection. The underground tunnel system in which they were held captive was very womb-like and ironically, sudden removal from that enviroment can cause a severe retrograde amnesiac state. That is to say, they are unable to recall any memory of their lives before they went into that tunnel, our world, and the world that they once exisited in has become completely and utterly alien."

Although the prognosis for a full and complete recovery is uncertain, Dr. Newscomb is certain of one thing:

"Those poor bastards are in for one hell of a long adjustment and adaptation period that may span tens of years before they will ever be able to live any kind of a normal life...then again, none of them really lived normal lives to begin with, so that's at least one positive."

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