Sunday, January 10, 2010

GCI's TV On Stage Inspires Real Poltical Decisions

In July 2009, Geva Comedy Improv improvised an original concept for a TV show called First Family. In the show, an unqualified, incompetent, beer-slinging head of agriculture (played by comedic heavy-weight John Zaffino) is made president when he is the last available elected official in the political chain of succession.

Just last week GCI received a call from US Rep. Kevin McCarthy, Californian cheerleader for the GOP, asking if he could take our concept for a TV show and turn it into real life. McCarthy was hoping to recruit a gospel-singing farmer from Frog Jump, Tennessee to run for a position in the US House of Representatives. Having no political experience whatsoever, and never having set foot anywhere near the nations capitol (let alone knowing it existed) the Republican Party thought this candidate was perfectly qualified to help run our country. We know, it doesn't sound real, but it is:

GOP casting wide net in effort to recruit 2010 hopefuls

After many confusing metaphors about surfing and a number of meaningless west coast idioms from McCarthy, GCI acquiesced. Knowing full well this could have disastrous consequences, the executive branch of GCI agreed it should, at the very least, be a lot of fun to watch.

One GCI follower, who prefers to stay name-less, did not approve of this decision.

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