Monday, November 02, 2009

"They Just Tazed The Hulk!"

October, 31st 2009. Rochester, NY.

As we get older, and more mature, it becomes readily apparent that the time for trick-or-treating quickly disappears, like a 'slutty' ladybug's dignity after a few shots of tequila. Nobody wants to be the only one with a real beard in a group of pre-pubescent trick-or-treaters dressed as Al Boreland from Home Improvement. So, what is to replace this remarkable childhood pass time... well, how about some good, ol' fashioned intoxication? Halloween style.

Nothing compares to dressing up like your favorite superhero and getting super "messed" up, or if you're a girl, wearing your underwear and animal ears. And feel free to throw maturity and inhibition completely to the birds. If you dress like Batman and don't talk in a deep raspy voice all night, then you are a failure. If a nice older couple would have thought twice about giving you candy at their door, then you just haven't worked hard enough. If you chose to be Lady-Gaga, and you're wearing pants... unacceptable.

We must, however, bow down to those Halloweeners that go above and beyond, and really make this holiday a special one. This year there was an almost too-real Predator costume on A-street. Nick DiCola spotted this dedicated individual and attempted to shout his excited approval of the detailed costume, when the Predator menacingly turned it's head toward Nick and instantaneously vanished. Another Halloweener, disguised as a "sloppily drunk" criminal, took it upon himself to get into a confrontation with real cops. He stayed in character as a police officer hand-cuffed him and threw him in the back of a real squad car. Bravo, mr. commitment, bravo.

But the MVP award for the night goes to an epic occurrence that a few cast members of GCI, and their friend Betty Boop, had the privilege of witnessing on the way to a costume party. Check this out:

While waiting at a stop light, on the corner of Alexander and East a commotion burst out in front of Monte's Korner. People were running in all directions. All of a sudden the Incredible Hulk, in the midst of a fitful, alcohol-inspired rage, exploded from the crowd followed closely by a group of RPD officers in hot pursuit. Almost simultaneously upon the appearance of the enraged Hulk, he fell to the pavement motionless. An on-looker exclaimed, most appropriately, "HEY! They just tazed the Hulk!" To which the crowd responded with a loud, synchronized chant "HULK! HULK! HULK!" like an inspirational moment in a sports movie. Neither the cause, nor the resolution, of this situation is known. All we do know, is that even though Tanks, Helicopters, and the US Army are no match for the Incredible Hulk... get a few drinks in him, and the RPD can take him down with a taser.

No pictures or videos of this event were found, but watch this, it's funny:

"Sometimes the Big Guys need two shots."

Anyway, we hope you all had a safe and eventful Halloween. Enjoy the leftover candy, and make sure to check out our Thanksgiving shows.


  1. Anonymous11:11 AM

    great post

  2. I love all Halloweens use a Hulk costume, to see everybody running scared. I even painted my body with green color, and used a old shorts to look as similar as possible.