Wednesday, November 25, 2009

T.R.'s Puritanical Letter Home this Thanksgiving

Dearest Sisters,

Such delight to hear pleasing word from the homestead! It is a comforting thought indeed to know that much of the family will be gathered in celebration to mark this great day - Christ be praised! Alas, the journey home is a long one and I am needed here in the upstate settlement. The harvest has not been as bountiful as in years past, and there is a talk among the settlers that the coming winter months will be harsh and unforgiving. This strange flu has swept mercilessly across these western territories and our own Captain Williamson has been stricken. Williamson is a wise and fair leader, but in the clutches of this Suinaen plague, many of us fear that he dances on the brink of madness - the villagers need my reassuring presence in these trying times.

We all celebrate this day of thanks differently; although my earthly body will remain here in the settlement, my mind and thoughts shall be of Mother's pumpkin pie, Father's recounting of the fall hunt and the shining joy in young Constance's bright blue eyes as the feast is unveiled. Where'er that feast is prepared, so to shall go my heart.

Your loving brother,

Thaddeus Obediah Ryan

P.S. If the heavenly father so wills it, I am hopeful to make the long journey Eastward for the Christian Winter Holidays. Vouchsafe my love to the family - especially the young ones, oh my how I am sure they have grown!

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