Friday, September 11, 2009

Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Bacon

As is apparent in Corinne's previous post, we here at GCI have an immense appreciation for all things culinary. Recently, the GCI editorial research department came across this clip from the TV show "Wifeswap" and brought it to my attention - thankfully, this travesty was caught on film for all the World to bear witness:

Stand tall little man Curtis - we here at GCI salute you, your culinary courage, and that adorable tiny blue suitcase which we can only assume is filled with bacon...


  1. That is stupifyingly funny. I actually saw that episode and have been in complete awe since, baffled by the homegrown talent that hollywood continues to miss out on... thank the lord almighty for the blessing of terrible in-humane reality tv... and bacon.

  2. In five years we will all be working for Curtis...or be dead by his hand.

  3. Yes...his hand full of ea-z-cheeze...