Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This past weekend, when our debut Season 7 shows were finished, GCI cast members Ted, John and Paul donned the garments of ages past and battled honorably in the Dagorhir battle games with the local Winterfell Chapter. Short on sleep, and inspired by... well, we're not sure what inspired them, but here are some picture from the battle.

Getting to know your fellow warriors is not as awkward as one might suspect.

John enlists with an army of the undead.

Ted is given a foam-padded spear and enlisted to fight alongside a Roman phalanx.

Cut off a woman's leg? Not a problem for John.

In a decidedly epic moment, Paul is SQUASHED INTO THE GROUND.

For more information on the Dagorhir battle games, visit www.winterfell-dagorhir.com

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  1. The photo of Paul being shield-bashed has made my day. Bravo, brave warriors!