Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Coowist Effin' Kid Awawd

All children are 'considered' cute, all children are 'considered' equal (according to the declaration of independence... or whatever), and all children are 'considered' blank slates in regards to their impending, post-adolescent, level of coolness... but we all know that some young kids are just plain (way) better than others. Geva Comedy Improv would like to recognize those few children who rise above the social standards set forth by an unforeseen panel of diaper wearing judges (no, not the supreme court), and present them with "THE COOWIST EFFIN' KID AWAWD."

This years' awawd goes to the following young lady for her epic description of Star Wars Episode 5.

Sure she sat through the movie with a wet diaper... but so did Paul Nellis. Congratulations little ms. cool, and may the force be with you.