Saturday, January 26, 2008

Theatre Sports Notes!

The Pretentious Improv Group struck out into an early lead last night with key first half successes in Columns and Sounds like a song. The Beowolves struggled to find their footing in Three-Way Dub and the Ratings Board.
At the half PIG was in the lead with a score of 9 - 4.

The laughs came easier for the Beowolves in the second half and when the match was called by the Referee the teams were tied with scores of 13 - 13. PIG challenged the Beowolves to a dance contest to Right Said Fred's "I'm too Sexy." The two teams marveled the audience with the majesty of their dancing prowess, and thanks to an entrance worthy of an 80's romantic comedy by Nick DiCola, the Beowolves won in the end.

Don't Miss tonight when the Roc-City Racketeers take on the Shoelace Express!

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