Monday, January 28, 2008

Neck Snaps

There recently has been public outcry surrounding Geva Comedy Improv's performances, claiming that perhaps we snap each others necks too often. Isn't there another creative way to kill someone on stage quickly when they say things that make no sense?

I think not. Neck-snapping is hilarious. It's quick and painless. Our only form of capital punishment should be neck snaps. It would save hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars every year! People of Rochester, please consider neck-snapping when performing one of your signature acts of street violence. Save me the trouble of going to the hospital and dying painfully, but rather rid my body of all life instantly by simply snapping my neck. It is the right thing to do.

Still not convinced that a neck snap is the best way to do away with someone? Please enjoy Steven Seagal's Letterbox 2000 and then see how you feel.

And quit your whining.

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