Wednesday, January 09, 2008

3 Movies

Hey. John here. I noticed something while cleaning this weekend. I found three movies in my collection that could be used to make people rebel against society. Yeah, I totally did! The movies would all have to be watched back to back marathon style to really work, but once the credits started rollin' on that last flick you'd have a full fledged rebel on your hands. I want to see what you guys think about this list, so without further adeu, here's the movie marathon of nihilism.

1.) Office Space - Start things off light: "Boy, the office sure stinks; don't ya hate traffic?; bosses can be jerks"; etc.. This movie reminds people of what a bummer the day to day grind can be. An important step in removing the shackles of society, before the next step: taking it a step further!

2.) Cool Hand Luke - By far the most depressing entry in the movie marathon of nihilism, the movie centers on Luke. Luke is just about the coolest guy you could imagine, getting himself sent to a labor prison cause there was nothin' better to do. Luke cools it up for a while and attempts to escape a few times *Spoiler Alert* but the prison breaks him. watchin the last couple scenes really angries up the blood.

3.) Fight Club - Ok, anyone with a Y chromosome thought "Dude we should totally start a fight club!" when first watching this movie. They did a great job of making the deterioration of society look not only like a blast, but a pretty good idea (who needs vaccines and automobiles, we know how to fight!). After seeing the previous two movies, destroying credit unions will seem like a neccesity.

****Warning: Any persons watching these three movies in succession will quit thier job and try to fight you. Please use with extreme caution.

So there's the list, and required discliamer. Anybody have any additions or subtitutions they think would up the ante on turning people against their keepers?

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