Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Want to see something sweet?

By Charley

This weekend is Capoeira Mandinga of Rochester's
Batizado e Troca de Cordoes.

What this presents is a prime opportunity for you the reader to witness me, Charley Beller, get destroyed by someone much better at Capoeira than I am. Better than that you get to see Mestre Marcelo the man whose body and movements were digitized into Eddy Gordo.

An awesome time will be had by all, and it only costs $12 dollars at the door.

The door, by the way is that of Bush Mango Drum and Dance Studio located at 34 Elton Street, Rochester, NY 14607.
And you should be there a little before 4pm on Saturday May 19

Mestre Marcelo and Baz in a street Roda

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