Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hear Charley Play Music - Thursday 5/10 8pm-11

With no Geva Comedy Improv performances scheduled for this Thursday many fans of high quality interactive performance will be left with no where to turn. Not those fans who read this blog though. They will know that they can go to the
Contradance at the
Covenant United Methodist Church,
1124 Culver Road
There you can listen and dance to Contranella a band in which Charley plays percussion (and banjo and mandolin), Megan Beller (Charley's beautiful wife) plays a wicked fiddle, and John Wobus (Megan's dad) plays rock solid piano.
What is Contradancing you might ask? for an answer click the fish.

If you just need to know more about when and where else Charley performs go to his website.

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