Monday, March 27, 2006

This Week on FIASCO! Season 2: The Hospital

It started out like any other day at Strong Hospital. Dr. Judy and Dr. Danny Charlie had the ER under control, Waldo "Wally" McCormick had ensured that Raj Gupta's Catscan was fully operational (though Gupta declined having a fax machine installed) and Intern Sunny Thompson was eager to start learning the ins and the outs of the hospital.

Things took a turn for the dramatic when a girl with no insurance was brought into the ER. The girl told Dr. Judy that Dr. Chet Moneybags, director of the hospital was her father. When Dr. Judy confronted Dr. Moneybags about the issue, he fired her from the hospital staff. Meanwhile, Raj Gupta was collecting sweat samples from all the hospital staff and Sunny Thompson was getting Wally's personal tour of Strong Hospital which included secret passages, zip lines, and a high powered motor device that only Daryl Homan Jr., research study patient, knows how to drive.

The mysterious young girl was put in a bed but would not recieve medical care until she had insurance. Dr. Danny Charlie and Dr. Steve Kanibangya smuggled her down to the OR and performed surgery on her anyway. Unfortunatly, on the way, Dr. Kanibangya got lost, so Sunny Thompson had to leave Wally's world to help Dr. Charlie perform the surgery. It was a complete success, thanks to Sunny's preternatural sense of all things medical.

Dr. Judy had gone to The Elmwood Inn to grab a couple of drinks with Carrie Mittens RN and Raj Gupta. There, Nurse Mittens used her feminine advantage to get Raj Gupta to reveal that the young girl was in fact Dr. Moneybags's daughter. Dr. Judy and Nurse Mittens headed back to Strong Hospital to ensure that Dr. Judy would get her job back. When they got there, the emergency room had been overrun and there were many patients waiting for emergency assistance. Dr. Judy needed to eat something, and while she was off getting a turkey sub, Sunny Thompson managed to treat every single patient!

Meanwhile, Wally revealed to Dr. Danny Charlie that Dr. Chet Moneybags was using Daryl Homan Jr. for some sort of insidious testing. Dr. Danny Charlie confronted Moneybags but Wallly wouldn't speak out against his boss. Enraged at his employer's indifference, Dr. Danny Charlie threatened to kidnap Moneybags' daughter and raise her as his own. Just at that moment, Raj Gupta stumbled in through the door with an unconscious and drooling Daryl Homan Jr, who was clutching in his drugged hand Wally's serveillence DVD's of the entire hospital. Dr. Charlie rushed off to show the new evidence to his coworkers.

Dr. Charlie was about to show the DVD's to Dr. Judy when Sunny Thompson stumbled in and broke them on accident. Before he could get it fixed Dr. Charlie decided that, because Wally had neglected to fix the Hosiptal's coffee machines, he ran across the street to Dunkin' Donuts to get some coffee. On the way, he was run down by Dr. Moneybags in his car. Fortunately Dr. Steve Kanibangya was there to pick him up, rush him to the ER and save his life with one of those little plastic coffee straws. Unfortunately Dr. Kanibangya wasn't able to stop Dr. Charlie from going into a coma.

As Dr. Judy and Nurse Mittens stood over Dr. Danny Charlie's unconscious body, Dr. Judy told Nurse Mittens that she herself had been a Nurse once. Nurse Mittens told Dr. Judy that she had agreed to continue to have "Wednesdays" with Dr. Chet Moneybags so that Dr. Judy would have her job back. Then Nurse Mittens told Dr. Judy that she was bisexual.

Then they embraced.

Just what is Dr. Chet Moneybags doing with Daryl Homan Jr? Why is Raj Gupta collecting sweat samples? What will happen to Dr. Chet Moneybags' daughter? Will Dr. Danny Charlie awake from his coma? Will Intern Sunny Thompson be promoted to Head Surgeon? Will Dr. Steve Kanibangya ever catch a buzz? Will Dr. Judy and Nurse Mittens develop a long-term relationship? Will Wally's gum ever lose it's flavor?

All this drama and more more more on Next week's FIASCO! Season 2: The Hospital.

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