Thursday, March 09, 2006

GCI took your calls!

Geva Comedy Improv is allll about helping the community. It's also about eating as much junk food as possible, but that's for another day. Last night we headed out to WXXI to help answer calls during their fundraiser. We got to watch lots and lots of Monty Python; bicycle repair man, olympic hide-and-seek...ah, good times.

BEKI takes the calls...but doesn't expect THE SPANISH INQUISITION! (On the tv behind her.)

BRIAN rakes in the ducats with his suave telephone skills.

The best one-voice. Ever.

During one of our breaks, BRIAN and TIM investigate areas they should not be.

The fine folks at WXXI gave us food! Pizza, soda, cookies, brownies, lollypops...all makes for a sick stomach. But you never think about that while you're eating it; you're thinking, "free food. Free food."

LIAM signs in. The game is on.

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