Monday, March 06, 2006

IRON COBRA + GCI = lucky YOU!!!

We're stoked like the Hellfire of Hades to announce that on April 8th -- Geva Comedy Improv's next Saturday Night performance -- Canadian improv Super Duo IRON COBRA will perform a showcase for you, the Rochester audience! Having won accolades and well-wishings from all over the place (they took 1st at Dad's Garage's International Improv Tourney in Atlanta a few years back), we thought that their singular brand of improvisational theatre should be something you lucky ducks should see. It's gonna be awesome!!!


  1. oh my god, we better be really good.

    how could we possibly live up to these expectations?

    you guys better start slagging us quickly and steadily so the audience isn't disappointed.

    here, i'll start:

    becky is bloated and crazy!



  2. hogwash! you cats are's pajamas. buck up, dearest becky.