Friday, March 24, 2006

The cast of FIASCO! -- The Hospital Season

Dr. Chet Moneybags - Director of the Hospital, who is tired of these bums with no insurance! (Brian)

Dr. Judy - Crotchety old ER doctor who refuses to retire (Beki)

Dr. Danny Charlie - This young and handsome doctor has no time for sleep and no time for love. Just enough time to save another life! (Tim)

Carrie Mittens RN - Will do whatever it takes to get the best care for her patients. What. Ever. It. Takes. (Adam)

Sunny Thompson - Medically Skilled but socially awkward intern from the mid west. (Mike)

Raj Gupta - Need a blood test or urine analysis completed? This is your man. (Swithin)

Waldo "Wally" McCormick - With a roll of duct tape and gum in his mouth, no machine will be down for long at Strong Hospital! (Mookie)

Daryl Homan Jr - As the only research study patient in the entire hospital, Daryl is always on a new drug or hooked up to some sort of crazy device! (Adam)

Dr. Steve Kanibangya - This surfer dude would rather be catching some tasty waves than performing open heart surgery. (Mike)

All the other patients and staff - Charlie and Joanna.

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