Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Things I'm Diggin

TV....GCI's own John Zaffino has been praising the tv show BURN NOTICE for quite some time now and recently I was able to see why. This is a kick-ass show, with an engaging plot, enough action, sex, and comedy, and very watchable actors. My wife and I got our hands on the first season and watched it all in one week. With all the crap tv that happens during the summer, I highly recommend you get your meat hooks on BURN NOTICE.

BOOKS....I'm sure many people have read "Angela's Ashes" by Frank McCourt, but let me tell you his younger brother Malachy also scribbled out a memoir called "A Monk Swimming" which is a fantastic read. Frank's book was great, but younger bro has more humor, funnier/wilder stories, and writes like no one else you have ever read. Plus he is Irish...enough said.

HANG-OUTS....I am one of those people who loves sittin back on a front porch and doin whatevs, so I've been basking in the funky glow on the front porch of GCI cast memebers Ted, Nick, and TR's apartment. It's the place to be for PBR, cigars, and grilled meats.


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