Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Well...I had a good run...

Hey, John here. Just writing to tell ya that I have developed an addiction that will probably ruin the rest of my life. And unlike other addictions I've faced off against (I'm looking at you, cookiedough) this one is FREE, meaning there's nothing limiting my indulgence. That addiction, you ask? ...Bejeweled. How can the rest of the world compete with a tiny screen that rewards me every time I line up three jewels of the same color? It can't, that's how. See, the game was just a passing interest for me, until one fatefull day I got the impossibly high score of 148,700. Now, I must forever hunt the white whale of Bejeweled points as a mouse clicking Captain Ahab. That book had a happy end, though, right?

...So, this is John, signing off, to a land of disapearing jewels and broken dreams.


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