Sunday, March 16, 2008

Paul procrastinates by uploading pictures to the blog

Enjoy some hot pics from Friday Night's STALKER. The Geva crew kicked off St. Patrick's day weekend with a gripping tale of squirrels, revenge, and personal discovery.

Shawnda consoles a grieving Liam.

Paul fulfills a lifelong fantasy.

Nick always looks great in this wig.

TR, Shawnda, and Liam watch from the side.

Brian is arrested for being violent. Why was he violent? We'll never know.

When I first saw TR grab that hook and made that long hook thing, I thought to myself, "Ah, he's going to play Captain Ahab." Playing a great white shark myself, I prepared to engage him in a naval battle. "Kick ass, I love Ahab scenes," I mused.
In this picture, TR is actually Triton, Lord of the Deep. Nick is playing his son, Francis.

We were looking at... something.

Fortunately, Newscopter 5 was there to to take all of these great pictures!

Just kidding, all of our pictures are taken by Kevin Leas. Here is a charming pic of the often photographing rarely photographed Leas celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Brian. Brian was later beaten for not wearing green on St. Patrick's Day. We take that kind of thing really seriously.

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