Sunday, March 09, 2008

T.R. FORGETS TO SET CLOCK AHEAD, Remains wholly unaffected for entire day

By Benjamin Franklin
GCI Time Keeper/Resident Lightning Rod

Citing confusion and general uncertainty in regard to the exact date of daylight savings time, T.R. neglected to set his clock ahead early Sunday morning.

“I inquired about the time change earlier this week, but my roommate was equally uninformed. I knew it was coming up and also mentioned it to several of my colleagues but I actually thought it was next week. You can imagine my surprise when I found out that I had completely missed it!”

The realization came a full 13 hours after the appointed 2 am time shift when T.R. picked up a copy of the Democrat and Chronicle and spied a headline about switching clocks ahead one hour.

“I thought, oh great, now I can find out for certain what day I need to set my watch ahead while I loudly exclaimed; ‘Hey, when are we supposed to change our clocks anyway?’”

Several staff members at the Geva Theatre Café along with a House Manager were present onsite as the shocking revelation manifested itself.

In response to T.R.’s audible query, the House Manager (who wishes to remain anonymous) responded; “It was last night.”

Sources close to Geva revealed that the staff were concerned when they realized that T.R. had actually arrived on time to house manage a show on the Nextstage.

“It’s pretty amazing when you think you about it…here’s a guy who was walking around all day an hour behind the entire World, yet he miraculously shows up to work on time for some unknown reason - SPOOKY…”

Local authorities are still investigating, but a spokesman from the Sheriff’s office offered a likely scenario:

“At this juncture, we have reason to believe that Mr. Ryan was relying almost primarily on his cell phone clock in the hours preceding his arrival to the theatre.”

When confronted with these most recent findings, T.R. had only this to say:

“Wow, look at the time, I really have to be going now.”

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