Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bangladeshi King Kong

I've already blogged about Turkish Star Wars, so it's clear my cinematic loyalties lie with the drug-fueled lunatic fringe of film-makers. In their honor then, allow me to present you with this 'trailer' for Banglar King Kong. I say 'trailer,' because this might actually be the whole film. It's particularly telling that a piece of cinema has plunged off the deep end of reality when the dance sequences are the most realistic part of the film.

Special moments to look out for include:

1:15 - The dude dressed like a cabaret musketeer defeats his foes in a fist fight involving no actual physical contact.

1:32 - Gratuitous snake action.

1:45 - A song clearly dedicated to the noble banana.

2:03 - The Fancy Musketeer uses the deadly hurricane attack on a horde of natives.

3:19 - Cardboardtopia is ravaged beyond the aid of superglue and tape.

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