Thursday, February 18, 2010

Isn't Tom Cruise Shorter Than a Midget?

Tonight it was brought up in discussion that the movie "Legend" is better than "Willow." I don't know much for sure except that The Beatles are better than The Monkeys, the Dodgers are never coming back to Brooklyn, and "Willow" is a better movie than "Legend," a MUCH better movie. "Legend?" Weak sauce. Unicorns? Lord of Darkness? Some Lord, he gets killed by a bunch of mirrors. "Oh no, don't stab me with your magical unicorn horn!" In "Legend" Tom Cruise stars as "Jack," a forest recluse. Really? A forest recluse? Well when he is done playing with Christopher Robin in the 100 Acre Wood, maybe he can step his hero game up and come play with the big boys in "Willow." Val Kilmer stars in "Willow" as "Madmartigan," and in case you didn't know he is the greatest swordsman that ever lived...recognize. "Willow" made more money, was nominated for more Academy awards, it's funnier, it has little people, pocket sized people, a two headed dragon, and oh yeah...death dogs.


  1. Anonymous1:03 AM

    But no movie mentioned holds a candle to "Dragonheart"! No midgets but a sean connery dragon!

  2. Can't we all agree that Ferngully - The Last Rainforest, is the best fantasy movie of all time? Hah, Robin Williams is cast as a wacky, hairy animal! Does he even know he's in a movie?