Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cooking with Scookle

I could cook other things, but I mean, I really care a great deal for steak.

Broiled Montreal Seasoned Sirloin with Sauteed Baby Portabellas and Green Beans

-Wash your filthy hands
-Set broiler on low
-Tenderize steak...don't worry it likes it
-Rub steak with Montreal seasoning to taste(basically salt, black and red pepper, garlic, and paprika. You can also just buy this in the spice section of a grocery store)
-After the rub cover the steak with olive or basting oil
-In a large, hot frying pan brown steak on either side (bout two min a side)
-Line a cookie sheet with foil and coat the foil with the olive or bastin oil. Transfer steak to sheet and place in broiler.
-Cook until desired temperature, flipping occasionally
-When steak is about five min from done start the portabellas: Place pan on high heat, add a tbls. of butter. When butter is melted add the washed portabellas. Spinkle with cayenne pepper to taste.
-Turn heat down to med. and stir occasionally. When steak is done, so are the mushrooms.
-At some point during all of this cook some green beans. I just put a frozen bag of them in the microwave right after I start the portabellas.

I paired this meal with one or five Genny's.

Hope you enjoy,

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  1. You delicious S.O.B. You make life tender and aromatic.